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Oh also, if anyone knows any “sugar mommies” plz dm me

About to sneak my ginger bread house into a gingerbread house making contest. Wish me luck

I havnt even started working on the 100k special and now were at 200k... what the fuck man!?? https://t.co/PXaULMPBhX
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Genn 🦵🏻 @kenntoo135
Congrats @Valspire on hitting 100k and 200k subs in the same week as well as the probably 2 mil views on the new video. https://t.co/kBslEAlevA

Highkey nervous about all the new people watching my channel. Our small community has basically doubled in a week. This is so surreal. Literally have just been freaking out this entire week.

So we hit 100k subscribers... im not sure how to react right now. Never did i ever think i would get anywhere near here. WHAT THE FUCK MAN! Thank you guys for all the fucking support. Im just like in shock right now.